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Temple Janggyeongsa

Janggyeongsa (長慶寺) is inside the fortress walls, about 500m east of the East Gate. The temple, which been designated a "cultural property material" of Gyeonggi Province, includes a main hall, temple office, shrine to the mountain spirit, bell tower, pagoda and two residential halls for monks. All ten temples that were once part of Namhan Mountain Fortress were destroyed, but Temple Janggyeongsa, less so than the others and today offers a partial glimpse at what it once looked like. Rhododendrons thrive behind the temple compound, and mushrooms grow in the old pine groves. A wonderful view of the various temple sites can be seen from a lookout south of Jinnamnu.


Site of temple Mangwolsa

The temple that once occupied this site has the longest history of the ten temples that once stood inside Namhan Mountain Fortress. Mangwolsa (望月寺), the temple, began as Mangwolam (望月庵), the hermitage, during the Goryeo Period. According to one account, when Yi Seonggye (King Taejo) founded Joseon and decided on Hangyang (Seoul) as the new capital, Jeongeuisa, which was there, was torn down. The story goes on to say that the Buddha statuary and a copy of the Lotus Sutra, written in gold, was moved from that temple to this temple inside Namsan Mountain Fortress. However, the description of the temple from the Annals of Hannam is no longer existent. Probably, this temple was included on the list (weapons, gunpowder, temples and other facilities) that was ordered destroyed or removed by the Japanese authorities. New construction is now underway here in an effort to reconnect Mangwolsa with its past.


Yeonmugwan (Former Temple)

Gaewonsa (開元寺) once stood in the southern part of the fortress compound. A description of the temple history can be found on a sign inside and to the right of the "one-pillar" gate (the main entrance): "Gaewonsa was established in 1624 as the main temple to direct the monks who were conscripted from around the kingdom to rebuild Namhan Mountain Fortress, destroyed during the Imjin War with Japan. The temple was destroyed by the Japanese authorities in 1907 and is now under reconstruction."

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