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Martial Arts Training Hall, Yeonmugwan


This structure is believed to have been first built as Yeonmudang (演武堂 Hall for Practicing Martial Arts) in 1624, during the initial construction of Namhan Mountain Fortress. Defense Commander Kim Jwa-myeong had the facility rebuilt during the reign of King Sukjong (1674-1720) and hung a tablet that designated it as Yeonmugwan (演武館 Guesthouse for Practicing Martial Arts). In King Yeongjo's reign (1724-76), it was renamed Sueoyeong (守禦營) but still referred to as a hall for military training. Yeonmugwan is massive, with a floor space of some 330 square meters, and is placed on a high foundation, making it visible from a distance. Crossbeams inside the hall have dragon images painted on both sides, while phoenixes are painted on the side beams.

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