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Shrine Cheongryangdang (淸凉堂 Shrine to the Wronged)


Cheongryangdang (淸凉堂 Cool & Clear Hall) is associated with the following tale: This is a shrine to Yi Hoe, his wife and his concubine. Yi was assigned to work on the southeastern section of the wall when the fortress was being rebuilt in 1624. However, he was slandered for having squandered funds for the project, shirking his duties, and failing to meet his work quota.

For his he was sentenced to die. Hearing of his plight, his wife and concubine raised money and were coming up from the south to help him at the fortress. On the way, they heard that their husband had been executed and killed themselves by jumping into a river. A reinvestigation of his case revealed that Yi had actually worked steadfastly and sincerely, and that he had been falsely accused. Then this shrine was built beside the West Command Post to offer solace to his soul. Enshrined here were portraits of Yi Hoe, flanked by those of Great Monk Byeokdam on the right and his wife and concubine on the left. The original images were lost during the Korean War, and the ones used today are reproductions.

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