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Hyeonjeolsa (Shrine to Patriots)


Hyeonjeolsa (顯節祠 Shrine to Conspicuous Loyalty) was built in 1688 under the orders of magistrate Yi Se-baek to honor Hong Ik-han, Yun Jip and O Dalje, who made the ultimate sacrifice for their kingdom. These three scholars refused to stop their resistance even after the Joseon king surrendered to the Qing army. Therefore, they were forcibly taken to China, treated cruelly and then executed. A calligraphic signboard from the king was delivered to the shrine in the spring of 1693, and the spirit tablets of two more martyrs from the Manchu Invasion of 1636, Kim Sangheon and Jeong On, were installed at the shrine in 1699.

Rites at Hyeonjeolsa

Rites at Hyeonjeolsa
This shrine houses the spirit tablets of the three scholars O Dal-je, Yun Jip and Hong Ik-han, who refused to accept the peace accord with Qing and were therefore taken to Shenyang to be executed. Also honored are the spirit tablets of Second State Councilor Kim Sang-heon and Board of Personnel Second Minister Jeong On. Rites to these spirit tablets are conducted on the 10th day of the 9th lunar month each year.

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