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Shrine Sungryeoljeon (崇烈殿, Shrine to Baekje Founder & Fortress Builder)


The spirit tablets of Baekje Founder/King Onjo and General Yi Seo, who directed the construction of Namhan Mountain Fortress in 1624, are enshrined in Sungryeoljeon (崇烈殿 Revere-the-Ardent Hall). Ceremonies are conducted to them on the 5th day of the 9th lunar month. The shrine was constructed in 1638, and the tablet bears the characters "sungryeol" (崇烈) that were styled in the hand of King Jeongjo in 1795. Inside the hall are separate shrines: the main shrine to King Onjo is above, while the secondary shrine to General Yi is below. A second building is used to store the implements and utensils used in the memorial rites. Below the wicket door to the shrine hall are a lecture hall and the front gate. Kings as well as subjects come here to show their respects at a shrine that may have been inspired by a dream.

Rites at Sungryeoljeon

Rites at Sungryeoljeon
According to legend, King Onjo appeared to King Injo in a dream during the Manchu Invasion of 1636. The Baekje founder told the Joseon monarch he would be isolated standing alone and urged him to join with subjects who had outstanding reputations. That is why, according to the story, one hall has shrines to a king and a fortress builder today. Ceremonies are conducted to the spirit tablets enshrined here on the 5th day of the 9th lunar month. The caretaker of the shrine and the Magistrate of Gwangju would burn incense here on the 1st and 15th of each lunar month.

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