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Namhan Mountain Fortress after Liberation in 1945

Fortress area in 1961

In the 1950s, the Rhee Seungman government designated Namhan Mountain Fortress as a national park, and cultural relics and local products related to the site were put on display at another location. No measures to repair and maintain facilities at the fortress were taken at the time. Things began to change after 1971, when Namhan Mountain Fortress was designated a provincial park. The reconstruction of certain cultural assets started from 1975, and 5.1 kilometers of fortress wall had been repaired by 1997. The fortress was slowly reerecting its original appearance. Meanwhile, the road from Seongnam to the fortress was paved in 1974 part of an effort to develop the area for tourism. Economic development gave Koreans more free time by the mid-1980s, and the number of privately owned vehicles multiplied rapidly. These developments made Namhan Mountain Fortress a popular place to visit in the vicinity of the capital.

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