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Namhansanseong & Nowadays

Namhansanseong & Nowadays

Namhansanseong has recently a function as one of the most important cultural heritages in Korea particularly next to the capital Seoul, where offers a huge cultural, educational, touristic possibility for the visitor. In order to preserve and safeguard systematically this heritage an important organization was established. That is, the Namhansanseong Culture & Tourism Initiatives, part of the Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation, was inaugurated in March 2009 and has pursued three major approaches to promote Namhan Mountain Fortress as a high-quality visitor destination, combining history and natural scenery with cultural heritages.

These are (1) preserve a tangible and intangible heritages on the basis of documented evidence (2) conserve a valuable heritages that offers historical and cultural elements, and (3) safeguard and develop the traditional properties with the relation to the Namhan mountain fortress and Mountain town with a natural surroundings.

It is committed to researching and preserving aspects of Korean culture and tradition that are in danger of being lost. As part of this effort, Namhan Mountain Fortress is being groomed for inscription as a World Heritage site by UNESCO, while cultural properties on the site are being restored and reconstructed after careful study of historical records and other materials. Various programs for experiencing and enjoying traditional culture have been developed to cultivate Namhan Mountain Fortress as a new center of regional culture.

Its ultimate goal is to apply the rich legacy and surroundings of Namhan Mountain Fortress to establish a well-preserved park that offers visitors history, culture, and nature.

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